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Astuce Technology Limited is an independent IT support and training company who specialise in helping, educating and advising those who use Apple Mac computers and other Apple hardware, software and services. It is a UK limited company but operates in Brittany, western France, as well as in the UK .


Clients are very diverse ranging from private individuals with little or no technical knowledge needing basic support and training, through to scientists working in the Biotech sector and professional IT support staff at top UK Universities (Oxford and London) who have received bespoke technical training in OS X Support and Unix. Other clients in the UK and France include non-profit organisations; film, video and graphic design professionals; artists and architects; property developers, insurance and agricultural businesses.

IT and Teaching Experience

Charles Wiles, the owner of the company, has over 25 years of Unix systems administration experience, originally in networked environments in Higher Education. 
Charles Wiles
This includes more than 15 years administering OS X and its pre-cursor systems (NextStep, Mac OS 8 & 9 and all the pre-release versions of Mac OS X) as well as more traditional Unix systems including Sun Solaris and Digital Unix, and also open source systems such as Linux and OpenBSD.

However, Charles has always combined his technical duties with teaching: he spent 10 years helping to develop and deliver scientific computing and programming courses for Physics undergraduates at the University of Oxford and also trained academics and fellow IT support staff. He also has experience teaching Astronomy to students and English as a foreign language to both adults and primary school children.



Astuce Technology Limited
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