Training and Education

Our primary goal is to go beyond the normal experience of training by ensuring that we educate as well as inform. We cater to anyone who is interested in learning about Apple computers and their software, from complete beginners to experienced system administrators and IT support staff.

Mac OS X Training

We have developed our own set of modular training material based on an in-depth knowledge of Apple systems and software and many years experience gained teaching people to use computer systems more effectively. We offer introductory courses where we explain the OS X system and its applications suitable for all levels of technical expertise. Our course modules can be combined and customised according to customers’ interests and requirements.

Technical Courses

One of our specialities is in providing training for IT staff and end-users in Higher Education and science and we are able to offer courses covering the more technical aspects of OS X, in particular its Unix layer (a subject which is of particular interest in Higher Education). Since the default Unix shell used on OS X is Bash, these courses are equally applicable to those who wish to use Linux.
We believe that the level of technical content in our material is better suited to our customers than that found in courses designed for the business-oriented market. We also believe in offering courses that are affordable for people in Higher Education.  Our ethos is to maximise the usefulness of our training courses for our clients rather than to maximise profits.

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